Black Food Sovereignty Council

The Black Food Sovereignty Council started in 2018 was formed to directly address and convene Black-Identified and African-American people working in the food systems space.

The Black Food Sovereignty Council established the Coalition to provide a space for non-voting members, businesses, and food programs to convene and build a broader interest in the building of a stronger organizational governance, land ownership, and program development network in this area.

As part of a broader strategic movement in the Pacific Northwest by Africans, African-Americans, and Black-Identified Peoples, a group of Portland and SW Washington growers, policy makers, advocates, practitioners, and developers are working to stabilize the human and systems infrastructure to advance a Black Food Movement that aligns with the culture, history, and conditions of Black (and POC) peoples in this area.

Other efforts are being advanced in other NW cities in the Puget Sound and Eastern WA and OR that have been transforming spaces and cultivating land and growing food, herbs, flowers, and programs as part of a business, hobby, initiative, or lifelong passion.

Please keep in touch and we look forward to talking and meeting you soon!

In Solidarity,

BFS Council & Coalition